Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival
Nighttime, Lantern Festival.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Little Office.

I just moved to my little studio apartment in New York City, 'The City', in capitals, to New Yorkers. I was speaking to somebody in the south of New Jersey about my non-need of a car since moving to the city, and he asked, 'Which city?'.  Which goes to show, you don't take for granted you're the center of the world.

And here's my little office, all 10' x 8' of it, by eyeball measurement. It's the loft, which you ascend to via an antique black cast iron winding staircase that I'm rather fond of, so I polish it now and then. I haven't started speaking to it yet.

 My computer takes pride of place on the 3' x 2 1/2' computer table in the  corner between the top of the staircase and the wall. The printer is behind it on a shelf  which is part of the table. Below the table  proper is a small sliding shelf for my note book, and below that, a tiny shelf  for  'Most Important Mail'.  Isn't it neat, how computer tables are designed? There's even a footrest.  My daughter got it on sale from Ikea for $12. Used to be over $40. I love bargains
I have one of those little plastic round  rotating things with  lots of compartments, for pens, scissors, glasses, keys etc. I'm all set for my second career.
By choice, this is also my bedroom, so the rest of the apartment downstairs, with its beautiful polished wood floor, can be kept in visitor-condition.  My bed is a wonderful Posturepedic single mattress and box-spring on the floor. Talk about a great night's rest!  I get it all right. My lights go out when my light goes out. Zzzzzz.

I digress. This little office is where I'll make my living writing, something I've wanted to do all those years I was a nurse. The grey matter is a little rusty, lazy and reluctant, but I'm polishing it bit by bit. I've taken on Internet Affiliate Marketing, and I'll keep you posted how I'm doing as time goes by.

I have great faith in my little office.


  1. Good luck in your new career! With so many decades of living life with exposure to so many countries and cultures there definitely must be a lot to write about.

  2. Hi, gobloggo, nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes, my head is just buzzing with pictures that I must put to words.
    Good luck to you too in your blogging.

  3. Looks like you have a snug 'hideout' to do your writing. Almost feel as if I am in the room myself. all the best with your new venture.

  4. Nice to meet you here in my little office. Thanks for your nice wishes.