Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival
Nighttime, Lantern Festival.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Allnighter

Hello, it's 1.19am on January 4th., and I've just now stopped loading ads. on my websites and also trying to get backlinks  to/from other websites.  That backlink business is the hardest thing on earth to do.  You're supposed to comment on other people's blogs, posts,  articles, what-have-you and leave your name and  website with your comment.  Then you wait for the blog owner to approve your comment before your website is linked.

Now, it might take 2 weeks for you to know if you've gotten linked even if the blog owner has approved your comment right away. That's because it takes the Google spider that long  to crawl the web to find that site with your input in it..

 And it takes a lot of time to find articles to comment on because 1) they don't all want you to leave your website (they give you a little rectangle for it if they do)  and  2) the articles you find might be on subjects totally foreign to you, like space exploration, herpetology, raising transracial adoptees, internet games or building solar houses.  So that's why I'm still up. This is some process!

It stopped raining a couple of hours ago.  I liked the sound of the raindrops on my small sort-of-roundish roof.  My roof is about seven feet above the level of the apartment building roof because the original owner of my studio hacked a hole out of the original roof to build this loft.  Bless him for this extra space!  This is where I live and work.

 I go downstairs for cooking, eating and everything else and sometimes take a walk out of the building to breathe some  pollution.

I'd better call it a day now and get some Z's and recharge.

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